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Our Philosophy
Specialized Hair & Skin Care

We specialize in treating a variety of hair loss and scalp-related issues with our unique natural extracts and strong patented formulations. Working with only the best in Korea, Dr. Pelo formulates safe, non-irritating solutions made for daily use.

Cause of Hair Loss

Scalp Build Up

Dead skin cells, oil, and sweat clog hair roots with pollutants that prevent nourishment


Inflamed scalp causes poor blood circulation which weaken hair roots and thin hair

Weakened Roots

Weak roots lets hair strands to fall out easily, loosing hair from root

Lack of Nutrients

Lack of proper nutrients cause hair fallout and shedding

Our Science

Find out how Dr. Pelo Is Backed by Science

Understand how hair follicles lose strength and cause hair loss & shedding. Learn how we tackle this issue head-on with our holistic solution approach.

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Meet Dr. Pelo's Innovative Hair & Skin Care Solution

Exfoliates Scalp

Exfoliates scalp to keep hair follicles open and prepped for treatment that stimulates hair growth

Stimulates Blood Flow

Blood circulation into your pores promotes hair growth stimulation & nourishes hair strands, which promotes overall scalp health

Balances pH Level

Maintains healthy, optimal pH level of 4.5-5.5 to maintain optimal environement for hair to grow

Treats Roots with Nutrients

10+ herbal extracts that actively stimulate and nourish hair follicles to grow thicker & fuller.

Real Results
Experience Cleaner, Healthier Scalp Today

Witness microscopic images of scalp after using Dr. Pelo Scalp Shampoo & Tonic

Real Results
Hair Loss Relief

"I have struggled from severe hair loss several times and I have never gotten the effects from any other products as I got with Dr. Pelo! Not only did my hair grow much faster, but it also changed from frizzy and thin to glossy and strong. I will definitely keep on using the products and recommend them to everyone I know, because they are definitely worth it! :)" - Yordana S.

3 Functional Ingredients to Stimulate Hair Growth

Dr. Pelo developed a specialized functional blend of 3 core ingredients that has been clinically-tested and proven relieve hair-loss.

Our unique blend of L-Menthol, Salicylic Acid, and Dexpanthenol for Anti-Hair Loss:


Refreshes the scalp by removing oil and buildup, and reducing itching with its antibacterial properties and cooling effects.

Salicylic Acid

Helps remove the outer layer of the skin and eliminate dead skin cells by gently exfoliating the scalp.

Unclogs pores and hair follicles, reduces and balances sebum secretion, and clears and prevents dandruff while also maintaining the scalp’s moisture levels.


Absorbs easily into the outer layer of the skin to regenerate any damaged skin tissue, while also acting as a moisturizer to improve the skin barrier’s hydration and maintain the skin’s elasticity to strengthen the hair roots.

Our Product Line
Shampoos & Treatments

Begin to resolve your hair loss and scalp issues with Dr. Pelo now. Check out innovative hair and scalp products!

Waterless Products
Hair & Scalp Wipes

No time for a shower? Can't wait to freshen up after the gym? Try our scalp sheets & hair wipes for an easy, on-the-go solution after a work-out!

Why choose us?


Dr. Pelo has been approved by the Korean Ministry of Food & Drug Safety as an effective functional product for relieving hair-loss by clinical research at Korea University's Ansan Hospital.

Holistic Solution

We have created a comprehensive all-solution collection that address the root of all hair problems - the scalp. This collection includes shampoo, tonic, treatment, and wipes.

We are a conscious brand

Dr. Pelo Hair & Skin Collection

All-in-one solution line with shampoos, treatments, hair wipes and Feminine Cleanser